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Roger Patch, AIA Don Erickson, AIA John Madson, AIA


About the Principals


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Constant research for new methods of design benefited many mid-west hospitals, clinics and health care centers with state of the art facilities.  Patch Erickson Madson was also proud to make comfortable and efficient homes for the retirement community.  Some examples of new and remodeled facilities included ...

Hospitals, Clinics, Health Care Centers and Retirement Homes

  • Warren Hospital Addition
  • Aitkin Community Hospital
  • Paynesville Community Hospital
  • Watertown Clinic (photo below)
  • Melrose Hospital
  • Glencoe Municipal Hospital
  • Buffalo Memorial Hospital
  • Red Lake Indian hospital
  • St. Peter Community Hospital
  • Bethel Hospital, Mountain Lake
  • Swift County-Benson Hospital  (photo below)

  • Mercy Hospital, Moos Lake
  • Harmony Hospital, Harmony
  • Catlin-Sandeen Clinic, Buffalo
  • Trezona Clinic Addition, Fridley
  • Rehabilitation Center,, Glencoe
  • Waseca Memorial Hospital
  • Kanabec County Hospital Addition (photo below)
  • Housing for Elderly, Minneapolis
  • St. Otto's Home, Little Falls
  • Detroit Lakes Retirement Home
  • Hillcrest Nursing Home, Mankato
  • Aitkin Community Hospital
  • Wright County Retirement Center
  • Bagley Nursing Home
  • Franklin Heights Nursing Home




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Last modified: 10/08/06