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Roger Patch, AIA Don Erickson, AIA John Madson, AIA


About the Principals

Patch Erickson Madson was perhaps best known for structures designed for higher learning.  The firm was honored to have the opportunity to inspire students of all ages.  Below is a listing of just a few ...

Schools, Colleges and Community Buildings

  • Altura School Addition
  • Frazee School and temporary Classrooms
  • Fridley Senior High School including gymnasium, auditorium and pool addition  (photo below)
  • Rice Creek Elementary School
  • Parkview Elementary School
  • Hennepin County VO-Tech School, Glen Lake
  • Seward Elementary School, Minneapolis
  • Maria Sanford School Remodel
  • Phillips School Remodel
  • Mankato State College, Classroom and Industrial Arts Buildings
  • Stewartville Elementary and Junior/Senior High Schools
  • Babbitt Elementary, High School and Hockey Arena
  • Ridgemount Junior High School
  • Lewiston Elementary School (photo below)
  • Vicksburg Senior High School
  • Wayzata Junior High School Pool Addition
  • Greenwood Elementary School
  • Sunset Hill Elementary School
  • Watertown high School
  • Hanover School
  • Pine Center School
  • Buffalo Elementary and High Schools
  • Owatonna State Schools Boys' Dormitory
  • Ridgemount Junior High School (photo below)



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Last modified: 10/08/06